Just Getting Started


“Under Construction”

This Web Site is newly launched.  So far, we have only added pilot articles to enable custom design and direction.  Hopefully these few steps will give you an idea of our intention of what we have conceived to develop.

Our purpose is to provide a resource for churches and ministers in the grips of crisis and conflict.  Such valleys tend to dim our hopes and especially our capacity to reason.  Reality, we need help at those times before the pain of irreversible destruction takes it toll on a needy congregation or place of business.  Such pain is unnecessary, once the available tools are in place.  Our prayerful hope is in this adventure.




P.S. Please forgive the use of pilot articles.  It serves several purposes

  1. Learning to navigate the WordPress procedures
  2. Coordinating mutual efforts
  3. Tricking out the inevitable spam    😉






2 thoughts on “Just Getting Started

    • Thanks for checking and your encouragement. Got some big hopes and goals for the summer, but so far so good.

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