Reality, the world is imperfect.  Something, somehow went wrong.  Even the earth’s orbit is imperfect; instead of a circle we actually “wobble” around the sun in an elliptical orbit (thus the seasons).  It should not be too surprising to discover that even the inhabitants of this planet are imperfect, suffering from greed, envy, jealousy, etc., etc.  It requires a disciplined life to achieve genuine happiness and personal contentment without comparing ourselves to others.  We simply want and sometimes demand too much; more that our fair share.

The Bible does not try to cover this point or even to gloss it over.  The story of humanity reveals this problem from the very outset, Genesis 3.  It’s a sad story from there, developing a lengthy scheme of redemption of God seeking our restoration.  Paul the Apostle describes our current estate as “groaning” (Romans 8).  But through the scriptural testimony we are called to patience until we return to the Garden/Paradise.  In the meantime, we must live with the imperfections.

Psychological disorders are but one aspect of this disorder.  Especially exposing the most destructive Personality Disorder to any church, group or personal relationship — Sociopaths.  The following subpage chapters will break down this disorder and its vicious harm.

1. Antagonism

2. Sociopaths 101

3. 4% of our modern society, not that rare!

4. Recognizing Sociopaths.  What are the indications?

5. Sociopaths: Control, priority #1

6. Sociopaths: Criticism, weapon of stealth

7. Sociopaths: Collaborators, how and why people appease and enable them

8. Sociopaths: Conscience, non-existent

9. Sociopaths: Consequences, not perceived

10. Sociopaths: Pride, their Achilles Heel


 Coming Summer 2015:

– Sociopaths: Cowards

– Sociopaths: Contrary

– Sociopaths: Chaos

– Sociopaths: Confused

– Sociopaths: Chronic Liars

– Sociopaths: Challenge











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