6. Sociopaths: Criticism

“If you bite and devour each other,
watch out or you will be destroyed by each other.”
Galatians 5:15

Criticism provides such a convenient weapon for sociopaths.  Since they have no conscience they can fire at will without ever a hesitation unless others may doubt some of the rapid firing which will degrade the toxic effect of the barrage.  It costs them nothing to launch an assault and they would even find pleasure in the task.  It’s the most convenient onslaught they could muster.

Note, not all people who criticize are Sociopaths.  When criticism is used in constructive ways, positive progress and refinement may result.  It’s how effective leaders build their teams.  When criticism is used in destructive ways, the system suffers, suspicions prevail and trust is compromised.  Sometimes negative criticism (AKA “Whining”) is no more than jealous outbursts trying to bring down successful people to lower, non-intimidating levels.

But for the Sociopath, criticism is the regular daily assault upon unsuspecting victims in their quest toward domination.

Criticism, like gossip, must escalate and magnify.  It’s the nature of such an activity to keep the accusations charged and ever impressing their hearers.  If one person devises a verbal assault another will see it as a challenge for “who’s knows more and who knows the latest.”  It’s always full of speculation and innuendo at best, but its results can be deadly.

It triggers motives in the carnal heart to always seek Power and Control, always seeking the greed of being on top.  The typical gossip participates with selfish endeavor.  The victim may or may not even be the primary factor, just the competition of being better than the other.  But this is certainly where the sociopath parts ways; their victim is clearly in their sites.  Their words are not just meant to vaunt their ego, but also to draw spiritual blood from their envied target.

But Criticism is also their weakness.  What irony that their most convenient and cheapest weapon is also their “Achilles’ Heal.”  The old maxim is right on target with them, “they can dish it out, but they cannot take it.”  Turn criticism back on them and they curl back like a vampire to sun light.

The result will be either an all-out retaliation to desperately regain the offensive or an all-out retreat.  In fact, if they choose the latter the image of Houdini performing a magical disappearing act may be more accurate.  Sociopaths never retreat just a little.  Their egos compel them to leave in drastic fashion, both in the extent of their exit, as well as the melodrama of their departure.

Be prepared for the consequences.  Realize that one or the other is coming and be pro-active.  Don’t just let the counter assault devastate your tactics.  You do this through the power of knowledge.  Inform your leaders what be coming.  If others realize the vapid nature of the attack it will come and pass like a mere vapor, devoid of toxins because the leaders have called the bluff of its deception.  Once a sociopath realizes they have been exposed they are defeated.  All their weapons are deception so once the light exposes their fluff they are left defenseless.  They may even exit without the appeal of melodrama.  They just disappear like the mist of deception they have wielded against their victims.



2 thoughts on “6. Sociopaths: Criticism

  1. Thank you church politics site. I am now dealing with the after effects of a sociopathic sister who almost got away with, (until the other 5 of us siblings stopped her), disobeying our dying mothers wishes and her legal will. Your site is spot on and it is good to know that I (being the latest target) am not alone. We sibs are all very sad looking back on all the joy our Mom missed out on…having a toxic sibling. I feel guilty for my elderly mom being psychologically abused, I didn’t know. I didn’t protect mom from my sister. I am over 50. 50 years of regret . God bless.

    • Tracy,
      Sounds like you and your family have been through a hard ordeal. You are certainly not alone. Sociopaths can cause such damage and harm people in so many ways, and yet never feel bad about it. Some even find it exhilarating. That catch us at such a vulnerable point where we are trying to help and they exploit the kindness. So dark and malicious, and perhaps even “evil.”
      Keep your defenses up and alert. Protect yourself and as much as your family as you can, and don’t let it defeat you. Stay the course and live a good life is the best and maybe only way to overcome a sociopath.
      Thanks for your comments.

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